Eai! kd vc?

Brazilian only communicate via Whatsapp messages and voice messages. They do not use text messages, iMessage or any other telecom service. So, here are some essential abbreviations you’ll need to know to survive texting in Brazilian Portuguese.


  • vc = você, you

  • qm = quem, who

  • c = com, with

  • p = para, for or by

  • d = de, from or of

  • ql = qual, which

  • tb = também, too or also

  • td = tudo

  • tlvz = tal vez, maybe

  • vdd = verdade, true that

  • dps = depois, after, later

  • msm = mesmo, same

  • mto = muito, a lot, very, lots of

  • cmg = comigo, with me

  • hj = hoje, today

  • fds = fim de semana, weekend


  • rsrsrs = hahaha

  • kkkkk = hahaha

  • blz = beleza, awesome, cool, ok

  • mlks = moleques, guys

  • gnt = gente, guys

  • kd = cade, where

  • cia = companhia, friends

  • pqp = puta que partiu, holy shit or fucking hell

  • vlw = valeu, thanks! or ok! or coo!

  • eae = eai, hey you or hey there

So now, let’s put you to the test:

What does “kd vc” mean?  It's “cade você” aka “where are you?”

What about “eai td bem cm vc”? It's "e ai, tudo bem com você? aka "hey, what's up, how's everything going with you?"

If you got this, you’re ready to get these thumbs of yours moving to chat it up with locals!

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