I don’t think there’s a better time to travel than off-season and here’s why.

1. More Authentic Experiences: hordes of tourists during peak seasons not only ruin the vibe and charm of a city but also irritate locals. Off-season, you can connect much more easily with locals and discover the local jams without any of it losing its original flavor.

2. Save Money with Better Deals on housing, transportation (flights, buses, car rentals) and everything else! You have way more wiggle room to negotiate with locals! It’s much easier when there aren’t 10 other tourists standing over the same souvenir stand.

3. See and Do More: there’s little to no waiting in lines at popular tourist hubs like landmarks, museums, restaurants etc. If you sign up for tour operators, they’re usually flexible on customizing the experience to your liking! All you have to do is ask 🙂

4. Be Spontaneous: there’s no need to plan way ahead of time, you can book affordable flights and housing the day of! The beauty of having flexibility like this is that you can make the most of your trip by customizing it once you have a better feel for the destination! You can stay longer in places you love, skip places you don’t like as much, and add new destinations that were recommended by locals.

5. Travel Happier: if you don’t enjoy dozens of tourists busses pull up and invading a landmark, being loud and taking way too much space, you’ll feel delighted not to see them off-season

6. Better Pictures: you can get your photography game on without worrying about crowds of tourists in neon clothes spoiling your photos


Ultimately, the winning argument for me is that traveling off-season is the best way to explore a new destination authentically; you’ll get a much deeper cultural experience and potentially build lifelong friendships with locals.

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