I discovered how magical, peaceful, meditative and beautiful hiking in (light) rain can be one early morning in Rio de Janeiro. I had planned with some friends to go hike in the Floresta de Tijuca, but we woke up to some cloudy skies and rain. We decided to go anyways and it was absolutely worth it. 

1) One with Nature: you’ll be alone on the hike, nearly everyone stays in when it rains

2) Nature Sounds: there’s no sound pollution since no one’s out. Most importantly, the sound of raindrops falling on the forest’s leaves is extremely soothing 

3) Beautiful Landscapes: rain drops on vegetation’s leaves is incredibly beautiful

4) Waterfalls and Rivers: rain means increased water flow

5) No Mosquitoes: mosquitoes don’t like rain so you can enjoy your hike stress-free

6) Cooler Temperature: you can go hike without the sun beating you down

The downsides might be limited view or visibility and muddy and slippery trails. Watch where you step and embrace this new experience, I think you’ll have a wonderful hike!

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