I travelled around the world full-time for 1.5 years across Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia, so you could say I’ve seen my fair share of Airbnbs, hostels, bed and breakfasts, hotels and resorts! Throughout this amazing journey, I kept a list of the places that completely wowed me and would go back to in a heartbeat.

The places on this list are my favorites out of hundreds because they’re ideally located (either very central or very remote), safe, spacious with lots of natural light and great views, with great architecture and interior design, very comfortable with great amenities, bed mattresses, pillows and blankets to get a good night’s rest, with very friendly and helpful staff, an overall great local vibe (I do not like corporate chains at all) and of course amazing prices. And, they all have a little something extra something special or funky with originality and personality.

PS: If you don’t like sharing rooms, nearly all of these places have private bedrooms or suites available at higher rates.

PPS: Some of these may not have the best websites or updated photos, but they are really truly amazing! You can check out their Instagram or Facebook page to get a more accurate idea.

I booked all these places either with Hostel WorldAirbnb or showing up in person (if it’s low season – which means you have room to negotiate).


Lisbon, Portugal

Lost Inn Lisbon

Perks: beautiful building with a spacious and charming living room with brick arches (spacious wow effect), a guitar available for anyone who wants to play, delicious breakfast for free, awesome staff and people, lots of activities and tours, walking distance to everything

The Independent Hostel & Suites

Perks: in old majestic building with a view of the city, large common room to work, huge windows in bedrooms, delicious restaurant, walking distance to everything


Porto, Portugal

The Passenger Hostel

Perks: One of my favorites by far! In a train station (the walls are well isolated so there’s no noise), modern, classy and minimalist interior design, extremely spacious, full of natural light, huge windows in bedrooms, amazing kitchen, lovely staff, perfectly located at the center of the city (you’re in a train station remember)


Tromso, Norway

Bed and Books

Perks: super cosy interior design (which goes hand-in-hand with a cold wintery town), the most comfortable best mattresses and blankets you will ever sleep in, great kitchen, walking distance to the center of village and grocery stores


Florianopolis, Brazil

The Search House

Perks: One of my favorites by far! This is a big house turned into the most chill hostel ever. It feels like you’re hanging out at your homie’s beach house. The owner is a sweetheart, surfer and skater and the place totally carries his kind and relaxed vibe. Private access to the beach with surfboards (for free), swimming pool, skate park (I’m not kidding), spacious house, big kitchen, amazing staff with daily activities and excursions.

Tip: The bigger room upstairs is the best!


Bangkok, Thailand

Once Again Hostel

Perks: beautiful rooftop terrace, great cafe, cool interior design in the common space and cafe, very central

The Yard Hostel Bangkok

Perks: huge garden where everyone hangs out, architecture is made of cool modern shipping containers, common room with yoga appliances, books and TV

Tip: this is not as central but if you’ve been in Bangkok a few days already, you might appreciate getting away from all the craziness. It’s right on the metro line so easily accessible by public transport but not so much by foot (that is, if you’re mostly going to touristic destinations)


Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Indie Hostel Koh Tao

Perks: cafe with delicious western food, spacious, modern and comfortable rooms and beds, very secure with an awesome electric locking system for doors and lockers (and there’s an additional smaller locker right by your bed to keep your passport, laptop etc), showers have shampoo, conditioner and soap, very central, a 2 minutes walk to the beach


Bali, Indonesia

Because prices in Bali are so low, I didn’t stay in hostels but in resorts instead. They cost the equivalent of a hostel in London or Paris or less. It’s absolutely worth staying in these two places.

Vision Villa Resort in Ubud

Perks: beautiful architecture and interior design, huge garden and pool, outdoor showers, restaurant and cafe with delicious organic food, library, spa available with outdoor massages

Tip 1: Before booking, ask whether they’re having an entrepreneurial retreat during the dates you’d like to stay. Having large groups of people will steal the charm of this quiet and peaceful resort

Tip 2: It’s a bit isolated, about a 25 min drive by car to Ubud. It’s great to stay here for 2 days (2 to 3 nights) to relax and pamper yourself but not ideal if you’d like to go into town and back a lot.

Puri Lumbung Cottages in Munduk

Perks: eco-friendly resort, in the middle of rice terraces, direct access to waterfall trails

Tip: It’s located in a remote part of Bali so you’ll need to get there with a taxi or private driver. Coordinate with a private driver first to keep your transportation costs to a minimum. And yes, it’s absolutely worth going there.



Cap Skirring, Senegal

Hibiscus in Kabrousse

Perks: beautiful architecture and interior design that is in sync with the landscape and nature, huge open areas with direct access to a wild untouched beach, beautiful garden and pool with ocean view, restaurant and cafe with delicious local dishes, library and spa available with outdoor massages and very kind staff (just like everyone in Senegal)

Tip: get a room with a view on the ocean



If you have favorite places you’d love going back to, please share and comment! I’d love to check them out on my next trip.

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