Brazilians throw the best parties e-v-e-r! Cariocas especially love to get it cracking and really know how to. Parties in Rio usually go from 11pm to 6-8am. I’ve seen my fare share of sunrises coming back from epic “festas” and it’s magical! I shared a list of the best parties in town and the best spots to go on each night of the week. Another great way to find out about upcoming parties and events is on Facebook, everything happens on there and Whatsapp in Brazil. Have fun!


Partying schedule
  • Monday: Pedra do Sal – street Samba in Centro
  • Tuesday: Canastra – street drinking in General Osario, Ipanema
  • Wednesday: Rua Benjamin Constant in Gloria or Praça Tridentes Rua Imperatriz Leopoldina  – street drinking
  • Thursday: Muleta (Pedra do Leme) & Baixo Gavea (BG) – street drinking in Gavea, Belmont Bar in Leblon & Copacabana, Praça Tiradentes & Palaphita after BG to dance
  • Friday: Arcos de Lapa, street full of bars, & Circo Voador for concerts
  • Saturday & Sunday: bigger parties Lapa e.g. Circo Voador, Fundição Progresso, Rio Scenarium (this is a touristy spot, but it’s worth checking out), Lapa 40 & Phalaphita in Baixo Gavea
Street parties
  • Canastra Bar, Ipanema (Tuesdays)
  • Comuna (bar & yummy burger) – street party in Botafogo (better on weekdays & Fridays)
  • Mureta – bring your own drinks in Leme (Thursdays)
  • Baixo Gavea- street party in Gavea (Thursdays)
  • Boteco Belmonte Leblon & Copacabana (Thursdays)
  • Praça Tiradentes in centro (Thursdays)
  • Bar Bukowski
  • Arcos de Lapa: street full of bars
  • Praça São Salvadorin Botafogo (live samba, fountain) -what day?
  • Pub KrioK in Lapa – Latin party (reggeaton) whatsapp: +5521 997729338on wedenesdays
  • Bar Pavão Azul (comida gostosa)
  • Belmonte bar (Leblon & Copacabana are the most crowded ones, one in Ipanema but not many people there)
  • Jobi in Leblon

Hip-Hop Parties

  • Carrapetas
  • Nas Internas
  • Esbórnia
  • Espaco Sacadura 154
  • Errejota
Favela Parties
  • Alto Vidigal bar & lounge
  • Vidigal Mirante Arvrao – Samba, Sat & Sun
  • Bar laje in Vidigal
  • Carlinhos in Rocinha favela
Samba parties
  • Pedra do sal – Samba, música ao vivo. Centro on Monday nights
  • Samba do trabalhador – Renascença Club
  • Barodromo samba
  • Casarão – Samba, música ao vivo. Santa Teresa on Sat nights
  • Largo dos Guimarães
  • Academics do Grande Rio (Samba really far north)
  • Cateti
  • Democráticos
  • Sacrilégio em Lapa
Big parties
  • The Beach House in Barra de Tijuca
  • Garao bar lounge
  • Mansion party up in the hills: Rio porque to no ri
  • Pao de açúcar
  • Clube Monte Líbano (Flamengo soccer)
  • Palaphita Gávela at Jockey club (horse racing)
  • Sociedade hipica at Jockey club
  • Carnavio – boat party for carnaval
  • Lagoa

In Lapa:

  • Rio Scenarium (3+ floors, artsy, live music/samba)
  • Lapa 40 (3 floors, 1: food, 2: pool tables, 3: live music/forro)
  • Democráticos – Forro on tuesdays -Estudiantina – Praça tiradense
  • Cube dos Democráticos(Forro & Samba, right next to Lapa 40)
  • Circo Voador -música ao vivo / concertos
  • Fundição Progresso – música ao vivo / concertos
  • Carioca da Gema (live music, close to Circo Voador & Lapa 40)
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