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I’m Anaïs, a digital nomad living around the world sharing practical, informative and insider travel advice featuring travel guides, itineraries, videos and e-books. My mission is to help make your trips authentic, free of tourist traps and simple to plan so you can research less and experience more! 


Whether you’re traveling for a weekend, week, month, year or indefinitely, I got you covered!

For each destination, I share a breakdown of the country and city logistics, fun outdoor activities to get vitamin sea, must see cultural spots to stay sharp, delicious addresses to try local cuisine, and awesome parties to boogie with locals.

I focus on how to travel full-time, economically, slowly, responsibly (that means no tourist buses), like a local and how to stay fit and healthy while you’re on the move.

I do all I can to explore authentically, to take the time to connect with locals and experience their culture rather than consume it and check off items on a bucket list as fast as possible.


If you’re feeling adventurous, spontaneous, curious or active, this is for you.

It doesn’t matter how long and what type of vacation you’re going on, wether it’s a weekend getaway, 2 weeks holiday, round the world trip or family vacation, the destination guides and itineraries I share give you all the information you need to travel authentically and economically.

All my trips vary in nature from family road trip across Mexico and Costa Rica, to camping across Portugal and California, to living abroad solo in Colombia and Brazil. If you want to get a better sense of my travel style, keep on reading this page and visit the About page.


To-the-point informative tips, destination guides and itineraries to help you explore like a local.

I give pragmatic tips in bullet-point and list formats to get you the information you need quickly. I will tell you about the local gems to check out, the tourist traps to avoid and the best itineraries succinctly so you can spend less time researching online, more time exploring offline and make the most of your travels!


I will also share personal travel adventures in different posts so you can get to know me better if you’re curious. Like that one time I lived my own episode of Naked and Afraid in the tropical forest in Rio de Janeiro – on accident.


There’s already a million travel blogs out there. So why add on to the pile?
Three good reasons.

First, I didn’t find a travel blog that offered to-the-point and succinct information. I had to fish for useful insights buried between paragraphs of personal stories.

Second, I didn’t find pertinent information on traveling like a local, on a budget, responsibly and slowly all in one place. I had to cross reference information between dozens of sites.

Third, I found it hard to come by honest feedback. I too often ended up in tourists traps. I will share my praises and critiques without sugar coating to offer insightful recommendations and save you time.

Ultimately, I hope I will help you spend less time online and more time exploring and get you inspired about your next trips!

search less. do more.

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